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Skilled Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Your Legal Rights

Arizona lawyer offers advantages of experience

With more than 35 years of experience and extensive knowledge of state and federal criminal law, Jesse Smith knows how to help people facing felony and misdemeanor charges in Arizona. Whatever the charges against you, Jesse Smith understands your distress regarding the potential consequences of a conviction. He works diligently to minimize the damage caused by your arrest to your family, your career and your personal goals. Mr. Smith aggressively represents you throughout all stages of the process, guarding your rights and defending your freedom. Attorney Jesse Smith handles a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases throughout Arizona.

Aggressive representation for a wide array of charges

If you’ve been arrested, you’re naturally fearful of the worst case scenario. A conviction for possession of drugs could mean a stiff mandatory minimum sentence. A DUI can mean time in jail, fines and the loss of your license. How will that affect your family or your job? If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, will the state prevent you from seeing your kids? For these, and any other felony or misdemeanor charges, you want an attorney who can give you every advantage when you go to court.

You need quality representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Clients of Jesse Smith’s law firm in Tucson benefit from his decades spent in the courtroom. Mr. Smith has a time-tested approach for trying cases, as well as negotiating reduced charges and sentencing.

Meeting your needs from your first phone call to the conclusion of your case

Jesse Smith handles criminal cases without judgment. He carefully examines the evidence and, in consultation with you, establishes feasible goals. With criminal cases, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all defense strategy. Jesse Smith considers each unique aspect of your case. For Jesse Smith, personalized attention is more than a slogan. He understands that to act as your voice, he first has to listen. He responds promptly to your calls and emails and makes every effort to be accessible.

Appealing a verdict in Arizona criminal court

If you have been convicted of a crime and have concerns about the conduct or performance of your attorney, the prosecuting attorney, the judge or the jury, criminal defense lawyer Jesse Smith can review your case to see if you have grounds to appeal the decision. But you must act quickly: the law sets strict deadlines for filing an appeal in a criminal matter.

Get quality criminal defense from a seasoned Tucson lawyer

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Arizona, contact the law offices of Jesse Smith. Call (520) 623-8343 or toll free at (866) 675-8180 to contact our criminal defense legal team in Tucson, AZ, or fill out our web contact form.